October 18, 2014

NC videos

For NC interviews as podcast check below:
Thanks Kushal for sharing the video..


kumar kundan said...

Sir,I hope we would soon be able to watch speeches made by you and other participants at the Conference..
When are you uploading them too!
I must say,Jugglery by Reuben Schuff was something that must have thrilled all the audiences,because it is something we watch on TV and wishes to see them LIVE.

sachin said...

Pretty soon, God willing....

Sanjib Kumar Talukdar said...

That was really a superb performance by Mr Reuben Schuff.Years of practice has refined his Jugglery acts.Thank you TISA and also Mr Reuben for reminding us the importance of practice to build our skills.Whatever techniques we have learnt to control our stammer, practicing these techniques will strengthen and improve our communication skills

Ravi Kant Sharma said...

@Sachin Sir
Thank you sir for sharing the video.
Jugglery by Reuben is awesome

kumar kundan said...

Manish sir has shattered myth of many (me also) who believe that person who stutter can not be a life coach.
Manish sir,do you really stutter ! :)
just to make sure :)