October 26, 2014

Don't go mad about Stammering, Accept it Unconditionally!!!

During the Pune SHG meeting on Oct 19, I had an opportunity to talk to Pune SHG on how to accept stammering unconditionally:

Highlights of talk below: 
  • Accept the stammering TOTALLY however you feel uncomfortable
  • Let the flow of speech flow without any changes/modifications to it
  • Share with family members, friends, colleagues that you stammer
  • Share in all your what's up group that you stammer
  • Acceptance of stammering resolves the stammering by 80%, use techniques cover 20% remaining.
  • After 2 years, no techniques will be required. Just accept the stammering Unconditionally..
  • In case of any questions, please email/talk to me. 


sachin said...

Yes- role of techniques is only to make sure that what we say is understood by our listeners. Techniques are not there to cure stammering. Trying to cure stammering has been counter-productive. Better to accept that we will stammer some time - and continue working on communication and other skills..
Thanks Virendra,

kumar kundan said...

Why not for some days people should meditate on what were the consequences of not accepting our stammer? Also which benefits could we get by accepting it whole heartedly?.
Virendra sir, unless one feels the urge from within, how long do you think the motivation lasts !

Virendra said...

Right question! Answer lies with each individual what will be the instance they will wait to conquer or who can motivate them to change their lives. I do not know if it will be right or not, but many PWS still are waiting the answer outside of them, where they know the answer is inside. Or probably they not want to accept the reality which is naked truth that it is the self which needs to own the problem and act from now and not today or tomorrow.

sachin said...

Accepting a situation unconditionally sets you emotionally FREE. Free to objectively chose the best way forward and get on with life. This is what modern thinkers recommend in many problems of life. Acceptance is made difficult by unscienrific claims of cure for a condition where the cause is not understood yet! Commercial interests and our own gullibility is responsible for this state of affairs. Only we can change it - as a community, willing to meet and share our stories.