October 29, 2014


Aligarh shg meeting report
Date: 26/10/14
I want to thank president of TISA Dr. sachin sirvastava for starting shg meeting in Aligarh on every Sunday. And also thank our co-ordinator sikandar alam for taking this responsibility for conducting meeting .Our meeting took place in naqvi park in which seven members participated. First of all meditation technique was practiced. Slowly strength of our members increased. Mean while, a non stammer maulana named tahir came in the meeting. Firstly, we educated to him about TISA and asked his view about stammering. Maulana said a very important thing that, there had came about 124000 nabi(A.S)(messenger of God) on the earth to spared the message of God. In which one nabi(A.S) was also a stamerer named as musa alaihe salam(moses). And also maulana said that you are doing very good job. So I was feeling proud to be a stammer after talking with him.

firstly we gave our self introduction with some  techniques.  After then, we did an activity for worm up our vibrator using volunteering stammering. Then, we discussed on acceptance that is the key for understanding of stammering.  We summarize some techniques like volunteering stuttering, bouncing prolongation etc. we also discussed about the workshop which will be conducted from 27 to 29 december in AMU Aligarh.

Posted By: Yahya Kirmani

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sachin said...

When Moses was asked to lead jews out of Egypt, he is supposed to have doubted his capacity to be a leader, for this very reason- and so, God gave him an assistant, Aaron- his own brother, as a spokesperson! This is as per Bible.. In many old accounts, it is interesting to note, that people do not make much of disability- they accept it and carry on.. May be, we too need to do the same..
Thanks Yahya, for a comprehensive report and nice picture..Keep meeting and keep sharing!