September 23, 2014

Talking to strangers

These days I go for evening walk in nearby one huge park. Day before yesterday I got a thought “Hey why not do an experiment, talk to strangers”. And actually this thing was come up in last SHG meeting. The new guy his name is “Manoj”. He was going to some speech therapy, I forgot the name. He was sharing his experience. In his speech he told that “That guys told us to go and talk to strangers”.

So, I was thinking that’s a good thing. This builds my confidence and pushes myself to do some new. Because I am always want to be in my comfort zone.

The thought comes but I need energy to implement this thing. I was thinking “Hey this not help, what others thinking about you. If they laugh or they say something”. These kind of many thoughts were shooting in my mind. And I was in fear and my heart started racing. But another thought came “Hey no you have to talk this will help you”.

Then I said to myself “let it be what others think” and “accept yourself”. After that I saw one old man he was around 60+. I thought “I have to start from this guy because he could understand things, and I am sure he will never laugh on my stammering”.

I started something like this, (old guy = OG, Me = M)

M : Excuse sir, (he looked)
OG : Yes
M: if you are okay can I talk to you
OG: sure
M: I thought “Hey its easy”. Sir I have stammering problem you know what stammering is?
OG: Ya I know.
M: I said “my doctor suggested me that you have to talk to strangers, so it will build up your confidence and speech problem”.

And we talked around 1 hour and he suggested me some tricks, yoga and some useful tips. He was really a nice guy. Then today I also talked to one new person and approach was same. And I really felt confident now.

I would like to thanks TISA and SHG Bangalore. Those guys are really nice who came to meeting and share our thoughts.



Tarak said...

Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts Akash. Practice of speaking to strangers is an important step in the journey towards taming our stammering.

kanpur vikings said...

Good Akash.....keep pushing yourself out of comfort zone and eventually u would succeed.....Good Luck Bro....

sachin said...

Someone said: "Therapy is nothing but crystallized common sense"..
Having said that, I must add that common sense is not very common and often not easy to implement!
THAT is where the role of a good self help group comes in!
All kudos to SHG Banglore and selfless "sewa" offered by its members to each other and rest of us, by example..

Shobhit Singh said...

That was good Akash. i am also trying to do same thing. whether you stammer or not but getting out of comfort zone is very difficult thing. Like they say Taking first step is always hardest and you have done it. you deserve A handshake and a milkshake with ice-cream :P.

Dinesh said...

Action is what is needed to overcome ones limitation.. it cannot be done in the comfort of 4 walls.. Great initiative and wonderful write-up.. All the Best!! Some day you may be leading a shg in the same park - who knows !! :-)