September 25, 2014

Live From Eden Bagh DAY 5

One request to everybody, as 27 sept is coming, please do a good deed in the name of Shaheed Bhagat Singh (his birth anniversary). Anything which makes someone smile.
          So this is 5th day, yeah yeah I know I skipped 4th day. I was very disturbed by one thing so I thought of getting a nap and before I could know. It was Morning. Not a lot happened on 4th day. We picked up sir’s car then we went to some places. I saw a lot of Dehradun today. In the evening we met Richard. He was a friend of Kamal sir and then we returned so now 5th day.
                         Like it is happening since ages, the day started with stars losing their glow and sun again vanquishing the darkness.  We had decided to meet at seven o’clock but due to my laziness I couldn’t get up. Kamal sir had to go alone but after that we met at 10AM in Anugrah and I again introduced myself to some girls and then I told everybody about some key-shortcuts in computer and that’s it. Kamal sir had made my video so i got a chance to watch it and alalyze myself.
 After that we met in computer lab at 2PM and I with Dr. Kamal practicalised what I had told them in the morning class. Today I understood what my teachers go through. A lot of respect to them. Thus the day was over. Tomorrow I think it will be my last day here as I have to reach Delhi before 28 to prepare my presentation. I have made a lot of plan which I want to execute in Delhi so wish me luck.
Lesson learned today:

1.       How to speak with thinking simultaneously.
2.       How to handle a class.
3.       Practicing bouncing when we encounter a block as many of us forget everything and just continue to struggle.
                    You see i don’t really know how to wrap thing so m just ending it here hoping that my writing is helping you in some manner. Thank You.


sachin said...

so cute a post!
Keep writing even after leaving Herbertpur..

Ravi Kant Sharma said...

@Shobhit Buddy you are on the right track. Keep going.
All The Best

Ashish Agarwal said...

can you tell a little about Dr.Kamal?