September 28, 2014

Kolkata SHG meet writeup.

Hi All,
Last Sunday we had a SHG meet. There were a total of 4 people.
This meet was held after a long time (the last being held on April …… this inconsistency is one of the prime reasons of this SHG not flowering. Hmm…. Will try and make amends this time around).
-         Mr Shyam Sunder Singh.
-          Amrit.
-          Rahul Mukherjee
-          …and me offcourse (!)

Keeping  the post short. (We all have volumes of different stuffs to read these days).
We had different rounds , which each participant was required to do.
Introduction, Sharing one experience, Reading, One point/technique which each participant felt  would help mitigate stammering, and finally Joke and Mimicry session. This  made the participation wholesome and I must say this was the most  “focused” SHG meet I have had attended so far. (Earlier we used to just casually chat about stammering…. Great for feeling good, but not really adding a concrete step forward towards more effective communication).

I must specially thank Mr Shyam Sunder Singh for coming. He is a very busy man. He happens be a motivational speaker, and is a member of Indian Speaker’s Bureau,  Toastmasters and also one another organization….(forgot ji. L ). His talks were absolutely fabulous. Amrit and Rahul were tugging at his heels by the end of the meet. He promised to help them whenever they approached him.

Waiting for the next time we meet. And truly angry with the other guys who promised they would come but dropped off……. ( ahh, never mind, who cares).

                        [From Left:  Amrit, Me, Shyam Sunderji, Rahul]

                         [Amrit sharing one of his experiences].

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sachin said...

Wonderful! A little focus is helpful for shgs. I m sure others too will come when they r free in future sessions.. Random acts of kindness is the key...