September 15, 2014

Aligarh shg meeting report

Second shg meeting held on 14/09/14 at naqui park. This is a beautiful park.

1.  Ground rule.
2.  Short Introduction.
3.  Random name.
4.  Brief introduction of technique
5.  Material
a.  Important links
b.  Soft copy of apna hath jagannath
c.   Contact number
6.  Interview activity.
7.  Feed back.

 Meeting started at 10:30 am. I, sikandar hosted the meeting. This is the first shg meeting in Aligarh.
There were twelve members. The names of participant are given below.
Vijay, shubham, shafin, firdous, sajad ahmad, hemant chaudhrary, dheerendra varshney, ankit saini, mohd yahya kirmani, yatendra singh. Ther are two children vijay and shafin. All participant are student of amu or nearby amu.

First of all I gave introduction about ground rule and some technique like bouncing, prolongation and specially volunteering stammering. After that, each person gave his introduction with only name and place in volunteering stammering. After these activities I asked name of any three pws to each person, many pws did and some told two or one name. In next activity made groups of two members each and talk to each other.  After than came and introduce his partner. next activities question answer about stammering and sharing contact to each other and last was feedback. And yes, we decided for next meeting.
  We enjoyed very much……… thanks to tisa and all participants.

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sachin said...

Wow - what a lot of useful and fun activities! Attentive listening and recalling is a very important skill...Good work, Sikandar!