September 3, 2014

A good experience

Today i had a chance to have an  interview with two faculty members of HBTI, Kanpur... I honestly made up my mind that no matter what i shall maintain eye contact always....and i did so......There were instances when i moderately stuttered( dat too could have been minimized ,had i went with rehearsal and practice)  but after i stammered....I again forced myself to maintain eye contact , take pauses and  focus on the content.. and things went considerably well.....this time around my speech in d interview was quite better(of course there were nerves.....but somehow i could manage to tame them most of the time) as compared to last interview.......Overall a good experience but still there is scope for improvement.


sachin said...

."Fake it- till you make it!"
On the right path. Keep walking.

abhishek said...

Well done friend.Keep sharing to motivate others.

jasbir singh said...

Keep facing the fear. That is the only secret.
Keep doing it.
All the best.