August 23, 2014

Stammer freely Officially going to start Podcast interview Season 1

Goal of Podcast Interview : Our Objective is to take interview from all our PWS Friends and its not only the interview its just like an opportunity for all to give ice breaker speech and yes this audio conversation will be shared publicly so that all other PWS will listen and inspire by us. Its more like awareness. 

Here is the form to schedule the time :

So Be a part of it and be an inspiration for others and its also the fact that the more you speak, the more you will improve :)  

for any query mail me at and call me at 8447490753  

Stammer Freely Team


sachin said...

Congrats, Vishal!

kumar kundan said...

Good self initiative Vishal bro.

jasbir singh said...

Very good move Vishal. It will certainly inspire others.