August 31, 2014

Mumbai SHG - Minutes of Meeting - 31st Aug 2014

Hi guys,

The meeting started at 2.00 pm with the introduction speech by the facilitator of the meeting Vinod Gaikwad. He then welcomed all the role players to introduce themselves ad their roles.

This was followed by the project speech by Bharat Soni. Bharat was delivering his project 6 speech on "Active Listening".

This was followed by the learning session which was led by Dhruv Gupta, who had returned from China and the US with a lot of learnings. Dhruv shared his experiences with stutterers in China and the US. The other members also shared their views and experiences. It was indeed a nice learning session, learning from each other's experiences.

This was followed by the Extempore session which was led by Kevin D'Souza. As per the theme of the meeting"Self Awareness". The members were given topics and they all shared their experiences.

This was followed by the evaluation session. Dhruv Gupta evaluated Bharat's speech and I am sure he must have found Dhruv's evaluation very useful. Then, the role bookings for the next week was done, this concluded a nice SHG meet.


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Congrats friends!