August 17, 2014

TISA Eklavya Awards 2014

TISA announces it's yearly awards - "TISA Eklavya Awards". This awards are to recognize good work in volunteering and self-help. The awards will be presented at the National Conference happening at Khadala in October this year.

The awards are called "Eklavya Awards", as Eklavya was a mythological character in Mahabharat, a prince of jungle tribe who was known for his self-training (self  help)

We are inviting nominations from the SHG chapters. Coordinators, members and volunteers, it's time to give some recognition to all the good work you have done... Identify good work in your chapters and nominate their work. Last date for submitting nominations is 20th August 2014.

Following will be the procedure for the awards-
1. Nominations (Ends on 20th August 2014)
2. Short-listing of the nominations in each category.
2. Voting (Ends on 14th September 2014)
4. Award ceremony at the National Conference.

Following would be the categories for the awards this year (2014)-
1. Innovative SHG of the year
2. Volunteer of the year
3. Award for courage
4. Blogger of the year

Click here to file your nominations.  


sachin said...

Yes- Eklavya is a good model for us, from scriptures.. Very appropriate. Thanks Harish for spear heading this part of NC..

Dinesh said...

Wow!! Very innovative and apt!! All the best..

Amitsingh Kushwah said...

यह एक अच्छी शुरूआत है। इससे टीसा के साथ जुडे हुए साथियों को प्रोत्साहन मिलेगा।

kumar kundan said...

Good initiative indeed.These awards should not become coveted ones.alas!

Anonymous said...

Its very good initiative...It will promote organizers, hosts and all pws. ( y)

vishal gupta said...

Excellent Idea Harish Sir !!! exactly it will promote organizers, host as well as pws