June 8, 2014

Meeting an old mate--rewinding of old memories

Hi folks, I've recently resumed a new job at Noida. Its been a completely new job profile and new working culture ad completely new people to live with.An exciting equation it is and a little uncomfortable as well.Here at this job, i got to meet my engineering class mate whom I met after almost 8 years.It was really a pleasant surprise.She was a good friend of mine and we were in good relation.
Now, she is married and having a kid.

Having finished all formal greets and discussions, when I started getting professional, it was a flashback of my final year engineering studies, when I almost abandoned any word exchange with all my female class mates owing to speech hesitations.

So, here as well, immediately, my mind got filled up with all those hesitations and fears.But, being professional colleagues, you need to exchange words profoundly specially when you are a newbie and you have a lot of initial genuine doubts to deal with.So, I was really hesitant initially asking her questions, but, I was clearly seeing her answering my questions in a decent manner in most simplest manner and never giving any impression towards my speech struggles as all.Slowly my past memories and anticipations of bad experiences are diluting.Now, my next target is to get comfortable with rest of the staff as well, where I am hesitant, because I have to work with them and it is almost impossible to avoid talking to them and talking to them means stammering because it is almost impossible for me to talk to someone everyday and not letting him/her know about my stammer.So, earlier I get open up, better it will be to make sure I enjoys my job well.


jasbir singh said...

Do not struggle with stammering.
Be natural.
Good luck and all the best Mr. Ashish.

abhishek said...

All the best. It is a good write-up friend:)

kanpur vikings said...

Good thinking Ashish...thats the way to go....best f luck