June 30, 2014


My common advise to some of the following questions asked by pws :

Pws were asking doubts like how can I give presentation, give seminar, to stop tension, to reduce fast breathing, to control anxiety etc... The only solution that I can give to all was to SPEAK WELL.

I wish to inform that in stammering it's not possible to tackle each & every issue separately. We have to deal it holistically, ie to tackle stammering as a one issue and not part by part.

We were speaking wrongly (though unintentionally) for so many years which resulted
1. our speech mechanism becomes under utilised.
2. our breathing pattern becomes shallow.
3. We were not using our body language including head movements properly.
4. We always tend to do all our routine physical activities very fast

So, we have to correct the above "wrong doings" to overcome our stammering. To correct , 1st we have to practice certain techniques and speak well in the comfort zone . Mere acceptance of stammering, prolongation technique, voluntary stuttering and bouncing techniques (though it will help us in get rid of fear and shame because of stammering) won't help to overcome stammering. To correct all the above "wrong doings" we need to practice the following techniques which requires at least one year time. (Most importantly, we have to accept our stammering whole heartily during the practicing period. Otherwise, the practice may not be very effective.)

1. Practice Speech therapy at least one hour in the morning. .
2. Practice head movements extensively through out the day.

3. Practice silent speech therapy through out the day during free time .
4. Slow down all the physical activities like eating, drinking, typing, walking, reading, writing etc...

After 3 to 4 months, you can feel your speech improvement.

Till such time, you have to adjust with your present stammering, like you had adjusted so many years . There is no shortcut. No other techniques would work out in the practical situations. If at all it works out, it was mere luck only.

So, concentrate on your practice and observe the results. After seeing improvement by yourself , no one could stop you from practicing.

Everyone was born to achieve something. Some achieved great things. At least, we overcome our stammering and be role models for other pws. People needs role models to follow their foot steps. Let us be role models for some of the pws.


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