May 14, 2014

Save the Date - Mumbai SHG meet on 5/18, 1:30 - 4 pm

Hello Everyone !!!

Booking your time for Mumbai SHG meeting this sunday on 05/18 at YMCA, Ghatkopar(E).

Be ready to explore the purest feeling of mankind,

Friendship - Extempore session  

and prepare yourself for a big dose of positiveness and self-belief in our

Learning session – Realise Your Inner Self.

Following which we have amazing speeches by Jayesh, Vinod, Ramesh and Kavish.

Voting Season is Around !!!

In this election time, even Mumbai SHG is having Elections, for officer positions for Jul – Dec 2014.

So please Be PresentNominate and Vote for your best candidate for the Officer positions.

Hope you dont wanna miss the fun. So save the date and do come for next SHG meet.

Our Meeting manager, Jugal, will soon send out the detailed Agenda.


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