May 26, 2014

Mumbai SHG - Minutes of Meeting - 25th May 2014

Hi guys,

The meeting started at 1.55 pm with the welcome speech by the facilitator of the meeting Jugal H who then asked each of the role players to introduce themselves and their roles.

After this started was the Learning session and the cream of the SHG meet. It consumed the major time of the meet, but was a great learning session, the motivational speech by the guest speaker ex stutterer, Vikram. He told us about his experience as a stutterer and his journey to fluency. He told us about stammering as a psychological thing and it is very important to change our thought from negative to positive. He thought us about the ABC which will help us shift our thoughts to positivity. Here, A- Affirmation, B – Breathing, C – Creative Visualization. He explained the meaning and importance of ABC. Then, we had a meditation session and he asked us to practice the same in our day to day life. This was followed by the question answer session, here our fellow stutterers asked some good questions and those were beautifully answered by Vikram. At the end of the session, Vikas Tantia presented Vikram with chocolates. We all enjoyed the chocolate. Thank you Vikas for the same ;-)

We learned a great deal of things in this session which we believe will help us to improve our communication and personality in general. I am going to write a separate blog on the Learning session by Vikram and will post the same on Tisa-blog and will share the link with you guys J



sachin said...

Great Idea- inviting people like Vikram to SHG..Thank him please on behalf of all of us in TISA..

Anonymous said...

hai kevin write about he recovered stammering

Anonymous said...

Vikram really inspired me!