May 24, 2014

Mumbai SHG meeting on 05/25 1.30 - 4.00pm at YMCA, Ghatkopar(E)

Hello Everyone !!!

Time for Mumbai SHG meeting this Sunday on 05/25 1.30 - 4.00pm at YMCA, Ghatkopar(E).
Extempore Session – ‘Once upon a Time…’ the art of storytelling, conducted by Srinivas,

Prepared Speeches by Jugal, Gaurav, Kevin and Ashu

Learning Session – Mindfulness, conducted by motivational speaker and an ex-stammerer, Vikram.

Why Mindfulness?
This Mindfulness based learning session will aim to:
• Develop insight and awareness towards your stammering issues
• Developing the choice of responding mindfully rather than reacting automatically towards social speaking situations
• cultivate acceptance
• increase kindness and compassion towards self
• increase the possibility of experiencing calm
• the paradox of change coming about through ‘letting be’ rather than trying to fix
• disengaging from habituated negative thinking patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours
15 mins of sharing my personal story of how i overcame stammering. Followed by 20 minutes of guided mindfulness meditation followed with Q and A for 15 minutes
What is mindfulness?
“Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally” . There is now a strong evidence base demonstrating the efficacy of mindfulness based approaches to overcome stammering.
About the speaker:
Vikram is an ex-stammerer who gained control over his stammering and negative mindset using holistic approaches of yoga, meditation, reiki, creative visualization, aromatherapy, pranayama, affirmations, and hell loads of other healing techniques! He will share with you: ABC- the 3 powerful techniques that will free you from stammering mindset FOREVER!

Hope you dont wanna miss the fun. So do come for next SHG meet.


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