April 14, 2014

TISA Hyderabad Chapter News - 13 april

         There is a saying somewhere that "Each drops makes ocean" in the same way every drop of meetup fills us with a ocean of joy.So for geeting those valuable drops we were total of 7 members for this meetup:Dnyaneshware,Ramu,Rajesh,Asif,Nadeem,Ramesh and sumanth.
        In this meetup we conducted some activities which were very fruitful like:
2)Introduction rounds of each and everyone.
3)Imagining about their own dream speech and sharing that image with others about that.The main moto behind this activate the confidence in our sub-conscious mind .
4)Roleplay, in this each and every individual played the role of the individual which they wanted to be in future and act like as if they had already achieved their goals.In this everyone observed the magic what the confidence can do .
5)Then some of our guys shared about their wonderful experience of attending zonal meetup in chennai.
6)We then discussed about technique of head movement which our friends learnt in chennai zonal meetup and everyone practiced it.
7)We also had TABLE-TOPIC round using head movement technique.
With this as all say ALL GOOD THINGS MUST COME TO AN END we all signed off for this weekend loading all our magzine with lot of confidence to face the world.


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it was wonderful meet up