April 15, 2014

Mumbai SHG Meeting Report-13th April 2014

Hi Guys,

The SHG meet started at 1.45 pm, with the wonderful welcome speech by the Meeting Manager, Vikas Tantia. 

This was followed by the Facilitator of the meeting, Aditya Yadav, who started with the national anthem of our GREAT (the word of the day) country.  The facilitator then asked each of the role players to introduce themselves and their roles. 

This was followed by the Impromptu speech session which was facilitated by Kevin D’Souza. Each of the members were given topics related to India (e.g., India in my dreams, Democracy as a form of governance, legality of betting in cricket, etc.), and they shared their ideas on the same.

After this was project presentation session, the project presenters Aditya, Srinivas, Kaushal and Kavish gave some wonderful speeches. 

This was followed by the learning session led by Dhruv Gupta. Dhruv explained the prolongation technique and it’s variations to the members and asked everyone to participate in a game. All the members were made to stand in a circle and each member had a paper which had a word, stuck on their back. Each member had to ask a maximum of 15 questions (at least each word in each sentence had to be said with prolongation) to guess the word. The answer to each question can be just Yes/No/May be. It was a lot of fun and a nice learning activity. 

This was followed by the role bookings for the next SHG meet led by Bharat and Dhruv. Finally, the SHG meet was concluded by the evaluation of the speeches by the General Evaluator, Grammarian, Timer and the Technique counter.



Anonymous said...

Role booking for the next week? Aha - how about having a booking fee? Just joking..
Very well orgaised..

pratik gupta said...

i also want to attend the meet,how to attend the next meet

pratik gupta said...

how to attend the meet?i also want to attend