April 27, 2014


Posted by Kundan of Kala Aam, HP:
hi,this is kundan here.
Who does not love watching dance?i think most of us do.
Do u know 'Talent Hunt Programme' was organised this 25th by our
college,where many first timers were dancing so beautifully,after
dedicated practice of 2 weeks.
After the programme i talked to one my junior from Bihar itself,who
had choreographed the dance performed and expressed my willingness to
learn dancing.
 I am writng this blog after finishing first session on'Tune Maari
Entriyaan' song from gunday..
It seems like i have unlocked another gate of undiscovered potential.
Feeling awesome!

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Anonymous said...

Those of you who have done JO-Hari window, Kundan is refering to fourth quadrant - unknown self. This is what you do to bring light of consciousness into this part of your Self...