March 30, 2014

We had the 4th SHG meet in Kanpur today. A guy from Lucknow , Pramod was so passionate to manage his stutter that he travelled from Lucknow to Kanpur to attend the SHG meet. We sat in a park and initially we (I and Navneet) taught him basic techniques like eye contact,prolongation, bouncing and singing transitions while starting the conversation.Then we chose that area of the park which had more people and shouted  out loud that "We are stammerers". The people who were passing nearby stopped for a moment and asked us about this meet . Some of them even "Laughed".

Then we started giving debate on the emergence of AAP party and its contribution towards Indian politics and recorded each PWS 's  performance.We went to a nearby exhibition ground which had various stalls and we tried to interact with the vendors . Overall We had a nice time 


Virendra said...

Great job Navneet! Nice to hear about you and Kanpur SHG is growing.

Manimaran said...

Kanpur SHG rocks. Pl keep it up Karan,Navneet and Pramod (Lacknow)

jasbir singh said...

Congratulations and all the Best Kanpur SHG.
Please keep it up.