March 5, 2014

Bangalore SHG March 09, 2014 meeting invitation


We will be meeting on March 09, 2014 between 10 AM to 1PM at Cubbon Park. Our main agenda for this meeting will be to follow correct breathing style.

Meeting agenda 

1) Meditation (10 AM to 10:15 AM)

2) Relaxation exercises (10:15 AM to 10:30 AM)

 3) Warm up exercises for voice (exercises which I learnt from voice workshop)    (10:30 AM to 10:45 AM)

4) Correcting breathing style (Diaphragm breathing ) (10:45 AM to 11:30 AM)

5) Prepared speeches (11:30 AM to 12:00PM)

6) Prolongation technique practice (12:00 PM to 12:30 PM)

7) Fun Activities like Jokes Narration, Extempore, Crazy Questions, Loud speaking, Group Discussion, Role plays and many more.

See you all this week. Please mail me at abhinav dot foss at gmail dot com or call me at 95389 73341 for any suggestions or queries

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