February 21, 2014


In this 3rd and concluding article, I am going to describe how to sustain the present momentum of practicing techniques with same zest, interest and enthusiasm over a period of one year.
“Doing small, small, things continuously for a longer period of time is the toughest one”.

We had already seen that how powerful was the subconscious mind. So what we have to do is, we have to firmly put our message into our subconscious mind that we are going to conquer our stammering and we are working in that direction. How to feed the message into our subconscious mind?

1.    Read at least one or two important messages everyday so that it will slowly enter into the subconscious mind. For this purpose, I will be sending some important messages again and again in the next one year. Do not skip the messages but read it. If you feed the above messages correctly to your subconscious mind, it will not allow you to discontinue from practicing techniques.

2.    By constantly asking doubts, questions, clarifications, appreciating others progress etc even though it may be a small or insignificant or unnecessary one, it will do wonders. By this way, you are constantly feeding the message of “you want to conquer stammering” to your subconscious mind. So I request everyone to be active in one or other way by posting some messages daily in their respective groups.

3.    After two months, everyone have to post videos of their practicing techniques. Because if they practicing wrongly, they could correct it at least at that time.

4.    Each pws has to fix some target date for conquering their stammering and disclose it to the group so that they have some kind of pressure (which is good here) to achieve it.
5.    The most important one is, at least some of the group members have to meet in person once in a week so that they could watch others progress which greatly motivate all the pws. For this purpose, we can divide the groups logistically and meet each other in person in the following ways.

6.    We may divide our all TISA whatsapp groups into TISA-N, TISA-S, TISA-W and TISA-E.

Let’s take an example of TISA-W. This Western India whatsapp group can be sub divided into the following three sub groups under the in-charge of an individual Administrator.
1.    TISA-Mumbai
2.    TISA-Maharastra &
3.    TISA-Gujarat.
Each group has to meet once in a week for about one hour, review their progress. If possible, have a good lunch or dinner. Though attending by all the members for each meeting is desirable, but even a few members can meet. It is also good if they meet along with the regular TISA - SHG meetings.

7.    Then, the whole Western India group can meet once in three months (say April, July & October) in different cities each time(say Mumbai, Pune & Ahamedabad). Likewise, the other North, East and South groups should also plan.
8.    Finally we will all meet at Chennai in January’2015 as stammer free members.

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