February 27, 2014

Delhi SHG meeting Report on 23/2/2014

We had our meeting at Jantar Mantar on 23 feb 2014. It is a beautiful place.

We were twelve members, Garvit, Vishal gupta, Chetan, Shubham, Amit ji, Akash, Sikandar alam, Himansu ,Ashmeet singh, Kapil dev, Dinesh and Sikandar sir.

Kapil dev, Ashmeet singh are newly joined members of Tisa. Garvit Taneja hosted the meeting. Meeting had started at 11 am. First of all Garvit gave overview of the meeting Agenda, after that introduction round started, all member gave self introduction. After intro round vishal intimated about voluntary stuttering technique and bouncing technique, Amit Ji intimated about traffic rule, Garvit introduced   prolongation technique and pausing technique intimated by me(Sikander Alam). In experience sharing round all member shared experience using their favourite techniques.
Our third activity was book reading, in this activity all participant read book using techniques for two minute each. Before started our next round, sikandar sir gave a motivational speech about spirituality and he intimated some points that are as followed..

1.     power of positive thinking.
2.     Meditation is helpful for positive thinking.
3.     he said, if you want to a better future than you have to think positive.
4.     If you think positive you will become positive.
5.     Writing your problem, that is helpful in reducing stress

Our forth round, that is group discussion, all member divided in two Groups  and discuss about political activity of Aam Aadmi party and BJP.Most of the people were wanted to be with AAP so Amit ji and me took stand from BJP against AAP .That was a nice group discussion. After G.D round, sikandar sir gave his valuable feed back to participant.

In our last round we did an activity, that is, waah waah mera bhag(luck) it is helpful in pressure relies.

Over view of meeting

1.     Introduction round
2.     Experience sharing using any technique
3.     Book reading
4.     Group discussion on the topic AAP & BJP
5.     Robin round

6.     Motivational speech by sikander sir

Written By Sikander Alam


Amit Dixshit said...

That was a nice Meeting...Garvit Hosted the meeting very well...He astonished all of us by improvement in his voice.Thanks Sikander ji who took stand to write report of the meeting.Actually writing report for Meeting or any post for TISA blog improves our writing skills too.Kapil's brother Dinesh (not a stammerer) said that he too learned so many thing from our meeting.It is nice for us that non-stutters too getting something in our meetings.

Stammer Freely said...

Nice Meeting :) and superb Place :) Garvit did a fabulous as that was his first hosting I think after 2-3 months we shall have many ready & skilled Host. so Delhi SHG rocks !!!!!!!!!!!