February 14, 2014

Communication Workshop in Pune Feb (15-16), 2014

A two day Communication Workshop was held in Pune from Ferb 15 to 16. We had great fun filled two days. Please write for any queries  pune.stammer@gmail.com

Day 1
Morning Session: 10am 
1. Introduction of Participants
2. Introduction to Recovery and Techniques
3. Role of PWS in Acceptance
4. Bouncing and Prolongation
5. Voluntary Stammering
Afternoon Session
Voluntary Stammering in Public Places
Day 2:
Morning Session: 10am
Voluntary Stammering in Public Places
Afternoon Session
1. Cancellation
2. Block Correction Techniques
3. Secondary Behavior Analysis
4. Learning and Next Steps 

By Pune SHG


sachin said...

I will request everyone from the last Pune workshop, to participate in this one- even our friend from Korea, should take his annual leave at this time and join..if it is humanly possible..
And what about Mumbai Masters? Can they come? I hope they can spare the time and join the fun..
This time you can discuss: what ideas worked and what did not? why? and how can we collectively succeed?
I will be very happy to answer any question on phone, skype or thru emails..

sachin said...

Come on friends - give two days to your future self - leave comments here - come prepared for more challenges - since that is how we grow and help others..

Amitsingh Kushwah said...

वीरेन्द्र जी, वर्कशाप के आयोजन के लिए आप सब पुणे के साथियों को बधाई और शुभकामनाएं।