January 6, 2014

TISA-whatsapp group

Dear all,
TISA whatsapp group was started by me on 1st Jan’2014. The purpose of this group is not sharing information about stammering. It is like an alarm just like a wakeup call in the morning and remain all the members to start practicing the techniques known to them to control their stammering. After practicing, they have to give feedback how much time they practiced on that day.

Some of the members informed to me that they did not know any techniques and needed my guidance. To their benefit,   I have uploaded videos of speech therapy that I learned.

Also I will ask some questions regularly which will be useful for better understanding of stammering. One of the questions I asked was why breathing exercises  helps more to pws than to a normal person. We made an interesting discussion on that. After understanding the importance of breathing exercise, some of the members are started doing it.

They have also asked to send voice message by voluntarily stammering on their name and place of living. Some of them were sent. Now a discussion on difference between conscious and subconscious minds are going on. This is also another important topic for better understanding of stammering.

On the 1st day, no one has given feedback about  their practice. On the 2nd day 6 pws , 3rd day 8 pws and now 10 pws are practicing daily and giving their feedback. Now 6 pws are giving their feedback through voice message.

It is really an exciting and fun filling experience. Now this group members are started gaining  lot of confidence in just one week time.

In whatsapp, only 50 members are allowed to form a group. In TISA whatsapp group, already 30 members were joined and still 20 more can join. This is the best opportunity for the pws who are not having accessibility  to any SHG. They can use this opportunity. Joining of members are on “1st come 1st serve basis”. The mobile must be installed whatsapp application for joining this group.

Those who are interested may SMS their mobile no to me.


098842 89989


Ashish Agarwal said...

Its amazing mani sir.

We stammerers, generally used to be complacent towards speech practiceYou are hitting the nail in the right place sir.

Navdeep Singh said...

Please add my no. 9622259600