January 12, 2014

My Experience of SHG

It was a great experience in SHG Bangalore.

Brief about myself.

My name is jitu(Shasitha) kumar Dhal basically from Odisha.I have completed my MCA from Biju pattanaik university of Technology,Odisha in 2013.
Then I got selected in one of the largest IT Company of INDIA.I came to Bangalore to Join my Company. Everything was fine till I joined the company and successfully completed the training .

Why did I Join SHG?

I was on bench for 4 months, One day(20-Jan-2011) my Supervisor told me that they are facing difficulty to allocate me in a project due to my STAMMERING. First time in my LIFE I heard from someone that Stammering is a problem for me . Then I thought I have to do something for my stammering. I could not sleep for some days.I googled how to overcome stammering. Then I got many alternatives , I was about to join Partha Bagchi(one speech therapist in Bangalore) but fortunately I came to know about SHG Bangalore, then I joined SHG Bangalore on 4-Mar-2012.

My Experience in SHG:

Finally I joined SHG to become fluent .First day after self introduction there was voluntary stuttering session . As we know, we do stammer only in some particular word,but according to this volunteering stuttering we stuttered in every word .At that time I thought what the hell we are doing here , I came here to speak fluently but they are teaching me how to stammer.Then I thought it was the first and last day in SHG, I would not come for next meeting. But my room mate suggested me that instead of sitting idle at room in Sunday please go and attend the meeting at least for two months.I went and attended meeting till I was in Bangalore.Also I attended the NC at Coorg, which gave the boost to my LIFE.

What did I get from SHG ?

I got many benefits from SHG .
Some points are below :

1.I made many good friends and I am not alone.
2.Still I stammer but I don't feel shame .
3.Now there is no fear to stammer in public
4.I came to know about many tricks to get out of block at the time speaking.

LIFE is more than our stammering , but we need to focus to our GOAL rather than  STAMMERING ..STAMMERING..
Thanks to Dinesh,Abhinav and to all Bangalore SHG members for their suggestion and encouragement .
I was in Bangalore for more than 2.5 years ,Now I got transferred to Bhubaneswar, so I want to start an SHG at Bhubaneswar .
I would like to invite all PWS to come to the SHG meeting and use this opportunity.

Please feel free to contact me 
Ph no: 9439007600/9040123592
Mail to : jitu.dhal AT gmail DOT com


Manimaran said...

Attending SHG meetings are the top most priority for all the pws. Whom who is conducting the meetings is the most beneficial person. Go ahead Jitu, and start one at Bubhaneshwar and all the best.

sachin said...

Thanks Jitu for the frank sharing.. it helps everyone.. Best wishes for bbsr shg..

Dinesh said...

Let me share a fact about Jitu,

Scene 1 - First day he entered SHG..
When the introduction was going on - physcally present but lost in thoughts..
His turn for introduction came, his voice was not audible even to the first row.. (We were sitting in class room which had 5 rows) he only murmured..

After few months at the shg, there was a 360 shift in his personality.. he entered with a wide smile and
always volunteered for a new activity and did it with all the enthu.

All the best Jitu!