January 28, 2014

About Samvad ..

Dear All,
We at TISA share a quarterly newsletter called Samwad, these could be found at

These contain stories and information about PWS, Stammering and all related information.
We have been very fortunate to understand few principles of Stammering through TISA.

Now, we are duty-bound to spread whatever little we know with others through our newsletter.
I would request and urge you to Send in your Stories, Poems, Articles, Experiences with Therapist,
Experiences with National Conference, Experience with Communication Workshop and everything you
feel worth sharing.

Also, we need volunteers to help us in compiling and editing the newsletter. Anyone who wants to volunteer who can bring a fresh perspective to make the Samvad better and more Effective is most welcome.

Please target to share your articles by Jan 31st.
Please send you articles to dinesh.daredevil"at"gmail.com
Volunteers also please reach me at the same mail id.

Who we are is not defined by how we can Live! But by what we can Give..!!

Please join-hands..



Satyendra said...

Great initiative, Dinesh. I will be jumping on that write up, based on feedback from SHGs soon- and promise to turn it in by due date..
I hope I could write good poetry as well..:)

Unknown said...

i will send some poems and will try to write an article for Samvad..