January 3, 2014

Dhoom 3 review in perspective of stammering

I just happened to watch Dhoom3.
              I have always admired Amir Khan's acting and I eagerly wait for his new releases. The double role had two characters: One confident and the other a stammerer.

           The stammerer is being shielded from external world and it has been portrayed that he is under-confident, he cannot take his own decisions, he needs medications.
         While this movie does not portray a pws negatively, it portrays a pws as mentally weak, under-confident and one who needs medication.
          I think it would  create a negative picture of a pws in people's mind and add to discriminatory mindset against pws.
    We know stammering is a problem of social representation of self.

In general:

a) The IQ of a PWS is as good as any other person
b) A PWS is as intelligent as any other person.
c) A PWS does not take medication for stammering
d) A PWS is not under-confident and s/he can take care of her/him self.
e) A PWS can do a task at hand in the best possible way as anyone can do it.

     So I think the film-makers should do thorough research before portraying a character.This movie may add to the biased views of general people towards a stutterer.
       Your views on this issue are welcome

Abhishek Kumar


sachin said...

Yes, I totally agree with you. Thanks for the good analysis and write up. Creativity is a rare thing- and people sometime lean on "stereotypes" to make the story move forward.. And yet, the same person made "Tare jamin par"..
Why dont Bollywood make movies like King's speech, In front of the class etc.? I think, we the audience too, dont support creativity in day to day life enough..
I hope and pray that Bollywood, learn to take a little risk and make more movies like Tare Zamin par..in 2014 and beyond!

Amit Dixshit said...

Yes I totally agree..we cant let ourselves on the conscience of others.It is what people think about us..this is movie is projection of people's mind about us..and how they like to see us.

Amitsingh Kushwah said...

अभिषेक कुमार जी, बहुत सुंदर समीक्षा की है आपने इस फिल्म की। सच में हकलाहट के बारे में लोगों की सोच और रवैया ज्यादा सकारात्मक नहीं है। टीसा का मंच हमें यही अवसर देता है कि हम हकलाहट के विषय में खुद की सोच और दूसरे लोगों के दृष्टिकोण में सुखद बदलाव ला पाएं। बहुत धन्यवाद और आभार।

Upasana Nayak said...

Hey....I appreciate this article... but I am totally disagree with the view that in Dhoom-3 the character of a Stammer is shown like under confident... Even in one scene the Non-Stammer Amir agrees that HE IS HELPLESS WITHOUT STAMMER Amir..And it is shown that the Stammer one does the non-stammer one's part very perfectly in the Magic Show...But yes the Stammer one is being shielded from external world, this is only because that no one can identify the fact that there are really two Amir, as they both talk in a different way....

And yes, I agree with Sachin Sir, that Bollywood will have to more focus towards different kind of movie like TZP...... :)