January 16, 2014

A journey : Executive to Chief Executive powered by Stutter

Good Morning !!

   Its been a long time since i have shared anything in the blog ..but rest assured..i   have been  reading stories of dreams..Faith..Struggle..Despair..Achievements..Of team effort..of  of you guys everyday..and believe me they make my day..day after day..Rocket fuel my engine every day....you all under the universe of TISA have passively contributed to my growth .Thank you....!! 

   Yes..while being shamelessly pompous i do confirm as per my subject line , that i have reached my professional peak of leading a firm in the capacity of  CEO . The journey of 15 years starting out from a -dreamy eyed management trainee to  a dreamy eyed - Chief Executive across has been pretty adventurous sometimes jumping internally in the organization across functions..Sometimes jumping sectors across organizations .I wouldn't suggest that those of you who have just started their careers follow my path , but for me lateral pathways have served me  good..i have naturally been a lateral thinker ..And i naturally tend to jump across dots in a rather random fashion and eventually the dots meet each other and form a pattern ..each dot contributing in some other to the stability and richness of the bigger picture .     

   One thing hasn’t changed though ..my still having dreams in my eyes , and my company with my friend “Stutter” , he has been like the energized source of power for my train constantly parallelly running along my lifes track .

  Yes!! I let my stutter power me now rather than drain me !!

  My stutter forces me to evolve , to think new, to perpetually upgrade myself , to capitalize and strengthen my other assets ..

  I may have been offered the profile of CEO - Chief Executive Officer but I like many have always been a CEO- Constantly Evolving Organism !!!

  I hope this post of mine inspires few of you..If I can..You can too ..You can do better !!

  Those of you who are attending SHG’S , please continue to do so , because the meets and its activities would strengthen your other core assets .like confidence..Vocabulary..Meeting new people and thought processes which are like dots ....and believe me or not ..there would be days when you would be able to take inferences from those dots..Join them  and make a picture ..

 I say again..Let your stutter power you now rather than drain you !!


Satyendra said...

Reading your post has given me deep joy ..!
Congrats! Cast your pearls more often..

Unknown said...

very nice post sir!!

ABHISHEK said...

congrats.... very positive approach towards stuttering.

Vimal said...

Thanks for your inspiration

Manimaran said...

Congratulations for your elevation. Great to know that you have not hating your friend "Stammer". All the best to the new post.

Priya said...

congratulations Joy....!!
its really very inspiring to see one amongst us reach such great heights of his/her professional life. keep growing and keep inspiring :) all the best :)

Joy deep Majumder said...

Thank you all of you for your encouragement and wishes !!

"Deep in my heart i do believe that we shall overcome one day "

Er. Umesh said...

joy...very nice writing skills you have. I always wait for you.. please try to write some more :-)

Upasana Nayak said...

every time your post brings a new ray to tisa blog.....
keep sharing joy....... :)