December 31, 2013

Pune SHG Report 29-DEC-2013

We had a shg meeting on 29 December 2013.
There were 8 members present in this meet.

Akhil,vishal,vivek,vipul,aftab,rahil,raghvendra,amol(My self).

We started with 5 minute meditation. After meditation we did a round of introduction. You can use any technique by which you feel comfortable.

We proceeded with anxiety control round. In which each member will get a chance to ask a question and after the member who is going to answer has to wait few seconds before answering.Some members are so much eager that as soon as question is complete they are ready with answer they don’t wait for few seconds.
Then we started with impromptu speech. Topics were written on chits. Each person has to select a chit and whatever the topic it is they have to talk about it for 2 minutes.

Later we played game of bum. We learned about this bum activity in pune communication workshop 2013.
After this we had a activity in which every member has to draw something on paper.After drawing is complete each member has to explain his part of drawing.This activity shows creativity of everyone.
At last we had prepared presentation.

We are eagerly waiting for next shg meeting.

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sachin said...

Very good Amol. People who facilitate a session or an activity will notice some changes in themseleves - more comfort in public situations and better soft skills..
Check on internet for more and different interactive games to play in shg..