December 24, 2013

Cricket and Stammering an Analogy..

Cricket and stammering an Analogy..

From my very young days, in fact from my chaddi days I was interested in cricket and it has
somewhat permeated  in my blood :-)

I play well! Be it batting, bowling or fielding.
But when it came to speaking - I was no where, I was lost for words, I was in an alien world,
I wanted the world come an end and what not - most of us are very familiar to these feelings :-)
[We had some hopes in 2012 but it all turned out to be only rumor! :-) ]

I thought all of us could not be good at everything.
I was good at cricket not because I was super talented, its only because I have played more
cricket than others! :-) I have spent  more time on field than doing other activities..
And if anyone can spend that much time on an activity he gets some grip on that..

Now, we are not good in Speaking or expressing our self because we have never done it! or done it very minimally :-)
We could have spoken informally (lot of gully cricket) but would not have played enough matches (Formal communications) where you have chance to perform under pressure.

Be it Skype or Physical SHG or be it wherever, spend some time to express yourself..
Not some-time, spend enough time to express yourself!! 

Why Sachin, JP, Mr Tarak, are so good in communication/Expressing themselves? It is because they have expressed more than others!! :-)

Come out of your closet, World is waiting for you!
Come out of your mindset, You already have everything to make your dream come true !! :-)

 Merry Christmas and a Happy New year


sachin said...

Very timely and true simile!

abhishek said...

very inspiring message..a gentle push to fellow pws

premdeep singh said...

Totally agree with you konw just few days ago one of my faculty was telling me that "communications is something which you can't improve through thinking... you must bave to communicate with others"
Btw your article is really inspiring... thanks for sharing.