December 29, 2013

Chennai SHG meeting Report held on 29.12.2013

Dear friends,
The Chennai chapter meeting held on 29th Dec, were attended by the following 8 pws including 3 new ones.Chittibabu, Ganesh, Sufian, Hakkim, Vijayakumar(New), Baskar (New from Vellore), Balakrishnamurthy (New from Bangalore) and myself.
In fact Balakrishnan who came from Bangalore stayed in Chennai for 3 days and Baskar from Vellore (140km from Chennai) stayed for 2 days. They came for learning speech therapy. I also taught them which I learned in the year 2001. In fact sufiyan, Hakkim and Ganesh are also practicing it. Let us see their results after 3 months.
Sufiyan practicing speech therapy in front of a mirror.
As usual we introduced with each other. Then I gave a lecture about what is stammering, whether it is curable, about acceptance of stammering and also importance of speech therapy for those pws who wants to improve his fluency.

Then I asked each pws to give lecture using writing board. Everyone has given good lecture. Then I taught a technique how to speak one word like name, ticket taking, ordering food etc (which is a herculean task for all pws) without stammer.
Chittibabu giving lecture
I also shown a power point presentation on “small…small…tips for better speech” which I had given at the recently concluded NC at Delhi.
I am showing power point presentation
I also received a phone call from a pws from North India who wanted to come over to Chennai centre along with another pws and stay there for 2 days and learn some techniques. I invited him to come over to Chennai and stay at the centre itself.

I also request others pws from Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai etc can come over to Chennai centre, stay for few days and learn some techniques. About 6 to 8 pws can comfortably stay at a time in the centre.

That’s all from Chennai chapter. I take this opportunity to wish a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the PWS and let us work hard ourselves in the year 2014 to control our stammering and also spread awareness about stammering to others especially  to new pws.

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sachin said...

Dear Mani
I am so happy !
Pws have a place where they can stay and learn something useful..You are the right person for this role, since you have lived that life and done everything successfully..
I will happily refer pws who need to stay for a few days and learn techniques in a focused way..
May the new year bring compassion, joy, positivity in all our lives...