November 12, 2013

accept positive...have passions!!!

My walk on the path of recovery from stammering is going on and on the way, i am experiencing things abundantly.

As explained in my last post, where i mentioned about a UK retired police veteran who overcome his speech impediment and became a public speaker by intentionally speaking his feared words more and more to get out of their fear.

I am also trying to speak all my feared words as much as i am able to do because it is really an uncomfortable and frightened experience for me every time.

Sometimes, i feels almost down to the floor trying to desensitize o those words and sometimes, i used to think to quit this exercise.Yesterday itself,i saw a video of Mr.Dhruv gupta on youtube where he is giving a speech about his experiences and feelings about his stammering.It was just like a soothing relaxing wind.

His experience with the speech therapist and how the therapist emphasis on being positive about your speech is really a pleasant thing for me.Then immediately i reminded that Dr.Sachin have also advised me the same thing a number of time before.So, here again proves a continuous need of commitment towards a life long phenomenon like stammering.
Then, the second thing that i come to know from this video is that In the NC at delhi, my experience with Dhruv have reflected that he is a young dynamic positive guy who have a pretty forwarding speech and struggle is less.

Now in the video, he was having significant blocks and there were audible reactions of the audience,but, he kept on going on and on and on.And, in spite of being a forwarding style of speech, he have almost the same fears like ordering food in restaurant do me.

It was a liberating experience for me and now i am positive towards the process of desensitization.


sachin said...

Thanks Ashish!
Yes, Dhruv's video has a deep message- which becomes clear after you watch 3-4 times and reflect on it. I believe such videos teach us much more than the videos where someone is talking fluently (even if he claims to be an "ex-stammerer")..It boils down to one thing: stammering is not important. What is important is- to go ahead and say, what you want to say, in spite of difficulties.. You too should put up your videos; who knows, it might inspire someone somewhere...

Amitsingh Kushwah said...

Very Good Ashish ji.

Amit Dixshit said...

its really nice Ashish ji