October 28, 2013

Young PWS looking for jobs, just an advise.

In National conference i met a  number of young PWS who are looking for jobs and their stammering issue is making it difficult for them to get the jobs.

I also know a number of such PWS personally as well who are struggling to get jobs.

Most of them as i perceive are staying at their homes and giving interviews here and there.As per my past experience, because there was a time when i was also struggling to get a job, to be at home in such a situation in not the very good option.

Because, in my case, i was upset more due to my patents worries and due to society pressure than my own disappointments of being Job less.

So, will it be a good idea for all those guys to visit their own batchmates/friends and TISA friends as well and stay with them.....meet new people....look for job opportunities....Because, in this case, it will be a less painful experience for their parents as well.

Because, no parents will ever that their child is staying jobless at home and also, society pressure makes it worse.

But, if some one is having financial problems and feels that it is hard for him to bear all the boarding and lodging experiences of travelling, then it is also a very nice idea to join some NGO or some social welfare institute as a volunteer.In this case, free boarding and lodging should be available from that NGO/social institute.

Volunteering would make them talk to people, meet new people, doing some noble works which will make them happy and confident.

I am looking for comments on this idea.


sachin said...

A very deep and significant observation. The solution you offer is also Very GOOD..volunteering opportunities can be found at devnetjobs.org and many other sites..

vinay kumar tripathi said...

Thanks Ashish i like your advice and want to join NGO

Amitsingh Kushwah said...

good post.

Amit Dixshit said...

Very good post Ashish ji..

Ashish Agarwal said...

thanx all....now,i really think that it is a very good idea for anyone either working or non working to volunteer sometimes.

Also, i apologize that i forgot to use READ MORE option again, but will surely use it in future.

lalit said...

nice work ashish , this post prove that national conference give solution for many problems other than communication . really very nice observation .