October 29, 2013

Weekend with Jasbirji

Jasbirji, was in Goa last week. He was on his official visit, but was gracious enough to extend his stay by two days to spend time with the local SHG. And what an eventful two days we had..!

On Saturday, we organized a talk by Jasbirji open to the public. We flashed listings on local newspapers, and collaborated with the International Centre Goa (a convention centre with conference rooms). Jasbirji delivered a talk on Vipassana, which was well received by a small audience. After the 40 minute talk on Vipassana, Jasbirji talked about TISA, how it changed his life and the core ideologies of TISA. A PWS had come for the talk, and Jasbirji spent some time talking to him.

After the talk, Dr. Farida hosted us for lunch. We were overwhelmed by Dr. Farida’s hospitability with the lunch treat and then a quality chat with her at her residence over a cup of hot black tea. The evening ended with a visit to a Gurudwara.

Next day (Sunday), was a big day. Our SHG had planned an outing with Jasbirji. So five stammerers set out on the Sunday morning, looking forward to a day full of sun, sand and stammering..!

We headed on to the Colva beach in South Goa. The climate was perfect- the rain gods had taken a day off, and the sun preferred to rest behind the clouds. Jasbirji led us on the beach and suggested we should try voluntary stuttering on the beach.

While walking on the golden sand, Jasbirji practiced voluntary stuttering with the passer-bys. Taking inspiration, we followed suit. After getting our legs wet in the beach waters, it was time for a boat ride. The boat was a 14-seater boat. As the other passengers came in and the boat was full, Jasbirji made us talk in front of all 14 people right inside the boat. Yes, it was a great experience- trying public speaking with a bunch of strangers in the middle of the sea. We even spoke about TISA and shouted slogans – “Yes, we are stutterers”. In the meanwhile, some dolphins too greeted us from the sea.

After the boat ride, we enjoyed tender coconut and then a sumptuous lunch on a beach-side shack. Post lunch, Jasbirji inspired us even more with some water sports. Jasbirji tried winch para-sailing, that is, sailing in the air on a parachute, right in the middle of the sea. This was one of the most adventures water sports among all available that day on the beach. Jasbirji said that he wanted to try something more adventurous, and not merely fun.

The day was zooming by, and in the evening we went to another beach, which was more peaceful than the Colva beach. Here, we had a table-topics session (impromptu speaking) on the shore, and then some exercises like breathing exercises, shouting exercises and others, inside the waters.

The outing was a great learning for all of us. Jasbirji put us in many speaking situations, pushed us out of our comfort zones and guided us with some techniques and exercises. Learning and stuttering was never so much fun. We all are thankful to Jasbirji for the wonderful time he spent with us, which we are going to cherish forever.

Please do not miss the photographs. Click Here.


Satyendra said...

Wow- a roller coaster ride, I must say!

Amitsingh Kushwah said...

very good

Ashish Agarwal said...


You all guys had a lot of fun, i am a bit down that i couldn't make it.But, i am sure, i will be there with you GOA guys someday soon.

Also, This wonderful artistic post is a wonderful display of your writing skills, Harish!!

Unknown said...


subodh singh said...

Nice to see Jasbirji with GOA shg.....!!!!!!