October 25, 2013

TISA Hyderabad Chapter Meetup - 27 Oct

Hello Friends, You are welcome to THE INDIAN STAMMERING ASSOCIATION Self Help Group meetings.These meetings will make you know what stammering is about and how we can control our speech patterns in day to day life.Here We Stammer at Ease.It is proved that if we stammer with easiness then stammering can be dissolved from speech.We use many techniques which help us in clearing blocks in speech.

Few Activities in Meetings are:
1. Meditation
2. Breathing exercises and Techniques practicing.
3. Formal Introduction of participants in a comfortable phase.
4. Anxiety Control Round
5. Prepared Speeches
6. Field Work (going into public and practicing on speech patterns)
7. Fun Activities like Jokes Narration, Extempore, Crazy Questions, Loud speaking, Group Discussion, Role plays and many more.

Venue and Timings:

Sunday - 9AM till 1PM
Jalagam Vengala Rao Park
Road No-1, Banjara Hills,
Click Here for Park's location on GoogleMaps with Bus Numbers

Together We Step Up :) Together We Succeed :)

Contact below members for further details.
Rajesh 96 76 82 0007    email id: rajesh.jaca"at"gmail"dot"com 
Ramu   8143344240       email id: hyd.rams93"at"gmail"dot"com
Siva      94942159776     email id: dinakantri336"at"gmail"dot"com
Vijay     9985650423       email id:  nvijaybabu1@gmail.com
Sumanth 9441654509     email id: srisumanth4"at"gmail"dot"com


sachin said...

Great! I hope you are inventing some new challenge in every meet- something which is challenging even for the organisers..
Yes, keep challenging yourself, to avoid falling in a comfortable trap..
In one of the last CommWS, I had taken the group, without any warning, to the local police station! It was "challenging" for me too- not to talk of participants.. But we all had lot of fun and gained "faith" in ourselves..Above all, The inspector I/C was so impressed that he gave all of us free snacks and cold drinks..!!

Rajesh V said...

@Sachin ji - Wow it would have been a very nice exp for you all.
We will try to do it very soon and enjoy the outcome.
This could be a good challenge for all of us.
Regards !