October 19, 2013

Delhi SHG Meeting on 20th October

Hello Everyone, 
                        This is to inform you that we have meeting this Sunday at "Central Park" (infront of Rajiv Chowk Metro Gate no. 6) 

Timing :  11 am

Agenda :-  1. Introduction. 2.Reading round(specially tongue twister or words) 3. Eye Contact Speech  4. Presentation Round. 5. Round Robin Game 6. Drama Reading(juliah caeaser) 6.Story Telling round. 7.Making Promo.

Topic for presentation is :- 1. railway reservation   2. Increasing population 3.How IT field is going high. 4. Mobile App Trend 5. Why India is better than other country 6. Why Govt. job is like Gold. than pvt. jobs. 7.Attitude towards positiveness. 8. Why acceptance is necessary for a stammerer. 8. why practice is necessary for an stammerer. 

Note : - Each presentation will be of about 5 min.*

If you are new in this TISA and want to join this meeting then feel free to call me at 8447882161 and you can also send me email at vishal.gupta67@gmail.com


sachin said...

भैय्या विशाल - बहुत सुन्दर ; बस लगे रहना - हिम्मत मत हारना ; हम लोग धीमे धीमे फॉर्म में आते है - और जब आ जाते है तो फिर हमें कौन रोक सकता है ?
"छोरा गंगा किनारे वाला।"

lalit said...

nice vishal , u described whole meeting in few lines ......