October 8, 2013

Cool Communicators (NC 2013 Vid)


sachin said...

Thanks a lot to everyone for the talent show! I wish I had a bigger card..

Kushal Batabyal said...

Sachin, am flattered to see myself singing!!

1) I didn't know I could sing relatively well !!

2) I also didn't realize I looked so smart on stage!!


Best Wishes n Happy Puja to U n all TISA buddies,

sachin said...

Kushal- if you keep coming to NCs, you will discover a lot about yourself-
The secret is: Being a social species, our self concept is fashioned through social interactions- especially when these interactions are NOT driven by commerce, control and other agenda..
Let us have next NC- by the young, for the young, of the young..

Jagbir said...

Sachin Sir, Who made this video intro.

sachin said...

Dear Jagbir- I just shot the videos with an ordinary digital camera- uploaded it to youtube. Youtube offers online free creative tools- to add an intro and conclusion to a playlist..
And much more..
Actually I am a little surprised why many more videos of the NC have not surfaced in this IT age and times..?!!

Jagbir said...

Dear Sachin Sir,

Maybe People who have shot the videos archived them.

Will we get to see you in the chandigarh communication workshop.

Respect & Love,

sachin said...

Dear Jagbir- if I came and gave some great speeches- that will not make YOU a great communicator. I have suggested to Ashish- just get the participants to practice indoor and outdoor activities non-stop..for those two days.