September 26, 2013


I got a call from Mr. Sumit Kumar a PWS from Chandigarh on 24.09.2013 enquiring about the services being rendered by TISA. As I am at home with some ailment , I requested him to come to my residence. Accordingly Sumit came on 25.09.2013. We discussed various issues on stammering including its various  known causes and the management to control the same. Sumit is 27 and MBA in HR from Panjab Technical University, Chandigarh. He developed stammering at the age of 8 after having an attack of Pneumonia because of which he had become very weak. Because of weakness stammering  surfaced. Towards cure he has taken speech therapy from Dr. Sandeep of Sector 32 Hospital and also attended the Soni in Manimajra. We discussed Biological, Social and Psychological factors relating to stammering. We also discussed the three culprits i.e. uncontrolled breath, speed and excitement which aggravate stammering. The importance of breath and deep breathing   and slow & loud reading excersises discussed. I presented him a copy of Apne Hath Jagannath and requested him to go through the same religiously. At end I requested him to attend the NC at Delhi.

Hope he benefitted with the meeting.

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sachin said...

Sorry to hear about your indisposition. Hope you are well soon- and able to participate in NC!
take care!