September 17, 2013

Bangalore SHG September 14, 2013 meeting report

Topic: “Stammering and Relationships”
Today was very nice day. At 2 o clock afternoon it was drizzling and the Bangalore climate was good. I am rushing to the SHG session. I was thinking I am getting late and I reached at 2.15pm . But I never missed much because when I put a step inside the class there is only two members were there (Sharath and Anshuman). And they were discussing about some topics. After we waited for 15mins for other PWS then (Piyush and Nihil) also came. We are five PWS and we start our session.

Today Sharath was coordinator and he did well. First he begins with some games which are related with knowledge. Then next was conversation topic “Stammering and Relationships”.
  • Relationship with your parent
  • Relationship with your partner
  • Relationship with your friends
What they are thinking about you?????
There was good discussion and people were enjoying and they want to talk more but we are running out of time. So, we have to stop. At last I would like to thanks Sarath who coordinate nicely.
I am requesting other PWS who are not coming to SHG please come. Because
“Kuch kiye bina hi jai jai kaar nahi hoti, Himmat karne waalo ki haar nahi hoti” By harivansh rai bachchan


sachin said...

Yes- we must get up and do something- how long are we going to sit back, holding our heads, feeling sad for ourselves?
Good initiative, Abhinav!

Manimaran said...

what you were spoken about "stammering & relationships" is really good and you have to implement it practically also. yes... You have to talk about stammering with your parents, relations & friends.

Prashant said...

Hi Guys, I am new in Bangalore. I want to join the next Bangalore SHG. Can you please give me the details.

Prashant said...

Hi Guys, I am new in Bangalore and want to join the next Banagalore SHG. Can you please give me the details .

-- Prashant Kumar

Dinesh said...

Please feel free to contact me at or at 9880050526.