August 24, 2013

when no technique works...nothing works!!!

Sometimes, it happens that I confront a block and just couldn't get the alphabets out either with bouncing OR prolongation OR voluntary stuttering.

It is hard to ACCEPT such incidents, but no other option than having complete peace with such incidents too.

Because, thats the way...WE ALL ARE 


Hemant Kumar "हृदय" said...
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Hemant Kumar "हृदय" said...

since one year I am experience such situation even after joining TISA , when nothing work. No option except struggle on BLOCK...

During talk With Non-PWS, during block, I was skipping or substituting words or mum.
But I continued to talk with PWS on phone everyday. And during talk with PWS, whenever blocks comes, I didn't skip, substitute or mum, I struggled on words to come out from BLOCK.......... Sometimes it took more then 30seconds, but PWS have patience and does not complete my words. (I realised that to come out from block, I need more physical strength, so I started physical exercise - Surya namaskar & 7 pranayam of Baba Ramdev) And it helped me very much. Now struggle time reduced very much. When previously it was 30seconds to 1 minute. Now remained max 5 seconds and on few words. It is observed not only by me but all PWS, who met me on first workshop and in regular contact.
And as now struggle time reduced , I am slowly slowly gathering courage to struggle on block infront of Non-PWS also. Main thing- previously I was scare during speaking that next word will come out or not. But now I know- it will come out , if not easily then 5-10 seconds struggle. so psychological pressure on mind reduced and fluency automatically increased.

sachin said...

My suggestion- when you go in block, keep your awareness SUPER ALERT and study the contents of your mind (what thoughts? what emotions?), reactions of your body (stopped breath? tensed your stomach, shoulder? jerked hands?). A very Common reaction is: Great FEAR and just run away as fast as you can.
This is why blocks keep coming back- like unfinished bad business in life.

Hemant Kumar "हृदय" said...

sachin sir is right- keep your awareness SUPER ALERT"
Do meditation as Meditation gives Awareness and super alert by increasing Power of our Superconscious mind .
Just watch 2 videos on youtube, it will clear so many doubts about diseases , their cause & cure by inter-relating spiritual science with quantum physics with proof by krillion (aura) photography -
1. Psychic Surgery By Dr. Uday Shah
2. Energy Healing and Beyond By Dr. Urvi Shah