August 5, 2013

Myriad Colours of Life experienced - One Theme at a time..

(Write-up by Nishil)
This Week SHG session in Bangalore set the stage for yet another new milestone. Lots of action items on the table for the members to choose and deliver. Here are the details of this epic meet. 

The session was coordinated by Sairam, this is a new process wherein people can volunteer to coordinate a meetup, so that they will get a hands on experience on people management.

The people in the meetup were Dinesh,Sairam,Navdeep,Thenna,Subodh,Nishil,Anbu.

PART 1:Reading:Emotional intelligence – The reading has become a means to realize the potential of our voice, as week after week we can see, the nervousness disappear in us, replaced with a strong sense confidence in reading ,and command on the language. This has helped us grow out the shackles of fear. This week we learnt about the emotional intelleigence…… atleast a part of it. The vocabulary used in the book was of high quality and reading them was fun.

PART 2:How to overcome fear: The second part of the meetup was were, we shared our opinion of fear and how do we plan to overcome it. After hearing everyone’s thoughts sairam summarized  “Fear is something which all of us have to face ,therefore we should not avoid anything we are afraid to do, we need to take small steps to mitigate our fears rather than take a huge leap and maybe fail and lose the courage to stand up again”. This fits the way we eat a hot bowl of rice, we start eating the rice from one corner and take the center as the final portion, otherwise we may end up burning our hand . 

PART 3:Prepared Speeches:
               GPS(Global Positioning System):- Thennarasu (Thenna) started off the prepared speeches with his beautiful speech on GPS. The tracking device which we use in defense, research, automobiles, mobile phones was an area of interest for all the audience. The advantages and disadvantages is easily a topic of debate. Nishil evaluated the speech.

               Childhood Reminiscence: Navdeep keeps exceeding herself week after week with wonderful speeches , this week it was about  childhood days. The audience connected with her all along.Thanks to Navdeep  as it reminded each of us our childhood days of glory were everything was possible. Special thanks to Subodh for evaluating the speech.

               Rajni Jokes: Anbu picked up a challenging and unique topic to present in this meetup , It was jokes of rajnikant. It was  a brilliant show by anbu as most stutterers refrain from telling jokes as we miss the punch-lines quite easily J. Anbu portrayed the confidence of a stand up comedian as set the stage for future stand up performances. Anbu sir got everyone grinning and laughing, by the  time he was done. Credits to Dinesh for evaluating the speech.

Part 4:JO KAL KARE SO AAJ KAR JO AAJ KARE SO AB – Next week Planning
(Selecting a topic for a Speech is most difficult, to ease this we have decided to set a Theme for each meeting. Members can pick topics related to the theme)
In this innovative meetup we decided that each meetup we will set a theme such that people can choose their speech topics, the way they introduce, experiences, related to the theme. Next week 10th August we will kick off this new approach. The themes will be announced couples of weeks in advance so that people can prepare and come J.

Thematic meetings: The Theme for next meetup is SPORTS (10-8-2013)
Coordinator -Thenna
Note: Bangalore SHG will be on Holiday on 18 th August.

To join the group contact Dinesh (98800 50526) or mail at dinesh.daredevil "at"


sachin said...

Yes, "bowl of hot rice"- that was a perfect example.. Good job, everyone!

Anbalagan Marimuthu said...

Exellent narration Nishil.. Keep up the good work..