August 28, 2013

How meditation is useful in stammering, what is the best time for meditation?

Many PWS believe that stammering is not something which I do- it is something mysterious that just happens to me unconsciously. Our subconscious mind erases stammering moments from the inner memory tape and therefore we cannot recall what did we actually do, how did we actually feel and react in that moment. And therefore, we are unable to do anything about it.

So if PWS want to improve his communication skill, he should be more AWARE during block, he should be more ALERT about his mind (Thoughts, emotions etc.) and about his Body (eye blinks, holding breath, sudden hand movement etc.). As during stammering, something happens unconsciously, PWS need powerful SUPER-CONSCIOUSNESS.

And only meditation can give super-alertness or awareness. Actually meditation is a process of increasing awareness either concentrating on Breath or contemplating on Chakra or chosen deity or Guru either inner side or outer side and if one is aware , can do transformation in himself.

As much one immerse in meditation, his mind becomes calm, peaceful and in Alpha frequency state (8-12 Hz), which is ideal for our overall health as our all 7 chakra oscillate on alpha frequency (each chakra related to one gland) and it is perfect for transmitting neuron signals also. But whenever one feel anxiety, tension, fear or depression like strong negative emotions, transmission of neuron signal gets disturbed, chakra start to oscillate on hypo or hyper frequency and result is several diseases.  

Thus meditation is helpful many ways..

What is best time for meditation?
Not only PWS, now every person is bearing tensions, anxiety and is a part of cut throat competition , so remain whole day in Beta frequency (15-18Hz) in hyper tension, so duringsleeps also, he remains in beta frequency or maximum,  go to alpha frequency, but if somebody start to meditate before sleep, his mind will be in Alpha frequency (8-12 Hz) before sleep, so he may go to Theta frequency (4-8 Hz) during dream, in REM( rapid eye movement) cycle and in deep sleep , he may achieve delta frequency (0-4 Hz).  And by this he can get more powerful super-conscious mind to re-program subconscious or unconscious mind. And it increase Aura (a electro-magnetic field) also.

Why acceptance necessary?
As per ancient spiritual science, our mind has 3 part , 18% conscious mind, 80 % subconscious mind and 2% super conscious mind. Most of memories and emotions are stored in subconscious mind. Emotions are 10 times stronger than thought.  Map (blue print) of 90% disease is created in mind as brain have more than 50 million thousand neurons and every neuron connected to 50,000 other neurons. So any blockage in one neuron can block sensation in thousands of sub-neurons.

 “body is slave of mind, if you want to change in body, you have to change in mind” otherwise disease may reoccur. This is common in many disease i.e. B.P., Diabetes, heart block, tumor, stone problem. So to break the cycle of relapse of any disease, one must have to break the wrong pattern  of thoughts, belief and emotions. By breaking the wrong attachment of emotions, one can achieve permanent cure.   And acceptance detach PWS from fear, hatred, shame and guilt. So without acceptance and breaking wrong pattern  , not only stammering , other disease also can not be cured.

Please watch videos (link given below) for more elaborated explanation of this theory


Amitsingh Kushwah said...

Wow! Great writeup. Thanks for sharing this.

Manimaran said...

Great and very simple write up Hemant. Meditation is the one of the best ways to connect with God. Apart from getting peace of mind, you won't get ill thoughts of others. You will not get angry. You will become a good human being. Whenever something worst happens,you won't become upset. Instead, you will think clearly and calmly what is to be done next.

Keep writing such posts..

Hemant Kumar "हृदय" said...

thanks to amit ji & manimaran sir.

@manimaran sir, your comment (very simple write up) is really unexpected for me.
i was thinking that only few people will understand this as I tried to co-relate MEDICAL science (neurons,mind,glands), SPIRITUAL science (Chakra) & QUANTUM PHYSICS (frequency).
so I dropped this idea to write this post many times.

Manimaran said...

No...Hemant. You have to write as you planned already. It will be useful for some others also.

Hemant Kumar "हृदय" said...

after publishing this post on blog, Just click in mind to search music on (alpha, theta, Delta) Frequencies on net . I downloaded so many video of alpha, theta, delta fq & listened but not satisfied. So tried 2searched frequency of OM. & got amazing facts :

ॐ OM frequency is 7.83 Hz.
The earth also vibrates at 7.83 Hz . so Resonances of earth on Frequencies,
7.83 Hz (OM),
14 Hz ( GAM beej mantra)
20 Hz (hleem),
26 Hz (Hreem),
33 Hz (Kleem),
39 Hz (Krowm)&
45 Hz (Sreem).
So on chanting OM 2 vibrating systems are in resonance with each other, a rise in the amplitude of the waves take place. Rise in amplitude causes a rise in our consciousness energy. It
produces an antigravity effect on water,
due to the science of cymatics , and our body is mostly water.OM vibration generates electro-magnetic
waves which propagate throughout the
body making you feel more dynamic and

Dinesh said...

Very good article Hemant.. Yes you have to keep writing!! Many will benefit - For example after your review of "Apprenticed to a Himalayan Yogi" - I read that wonderful book and I also went and met Sri M !! :-) Thanks.. keep doing the good work!!

Hemant Kumar "हृदय" said...

great dinesh. Still I am planning to meet sri m.
Thanks for motivating me to write more. I'll continue , as it is helpful for me also. "knowledge have No limit", and as soon as I spread knowledge , I automatically start to get more deeper knowledge.

David Goulet said...

The information provided on this blog is very important for us. One should be aware of all these things. Keep sharing in future.

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