September 2, 2013

Himalayan Desk

Dear Friends
I and my respected teacher in social work (yes, I learned from him- never be ashamed of who you are) are starting a new venture: Himalayan Desk. What will it do? It will promote communication among social workers. You will surely ask: Do they stammer? Is that why they dont communicate??

No, they dont stammer- but they often get stuck (just like us pws) on one idea, or one self concept (I am so and so- working only for so and so), or one parochial agenda, one organizational creed, one village boundary, one particular caste or creed- and are not able to expand their sympathy and understanding beyond. Like one of us, they keep repeating: Ch-ild friendly, Ch-Ch-Child friendly, Child fu-fu-friendly, Ch----ild friendly..
A time comes when they forget even the meaning of that phrase..(it happens to us too sometime :)

This is why HD is needed: to promote communication all round.. to help people realign themselves to reality out there, every few days or years..

So, it is all about communication with others and with our deepest Self! Please wish me all the luck and leave your comments on our official blog.. (JP, thanks a lot for setting us up for this great journey..)


Anonymous said...

Best wishes to you and your Guru ji! I will check the blog now..


Hemant Kumar "हृदय" said...

best wishes to your mission

Amitsingh Kushwah said...

Great initiatives.Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

himalyan desk coaching institute ki tarah chla rahe hai ya free.

sachin said...

HD coaching institute bilkul nahi hai.. yeh to ek platform hai. Haklane se iska kuchh lena dena nahi..yes social development me ek naya prayog hai.. Unki website kripaya gaur se padhe..

vinay kumar tripathi said...

Best wishes to your HD Misson sir

lalit said...

best of luck of ur mission sir.