July 30, 2013

Slow Pace, Loud voice

“Our greatest glory is not in never failing, 
but in rising up every time we fail.” 

Activity 1 was about general discussion about NC2013.

Activity 2 :- Reading- Slow Pace loud voice
There are 5 rows in our class room and generally we sit in the first 2. For this exercise we all sat in the last row and kept rows 1, 2 and 3 empty! The idea was to urge reader to speak louder than usual.
Slow pace loud voice removes the shadowing part of the speech which PWS normally tend to employ in reading words which seem difficult to pronounce independently. And adequate pauses give a clear indicator that the control of the flow of fluency is by us rather than the sentences which we read.

Activity 3-Introduction with adjectives
One problem with ever changing audience is recollecting name. Hence once in a month below exercise will help!
Introduction round was done with the adjective-name combination, the last person to introduce had have to remember all the previous names and adjectives. 
For example, I start with NICE Nishil and second person says my name plus his name (Nice Nishil, Awesome Akash, etc)

Activity 4 – One Question per person
 It reminded us of the hr interviews , only this was deadlier , here silence was not an option you could use, as there were people gaping at you in a circular fashion like kaurava’s surrounding Abhimanyu in the battle of kurukshetra. The only way out was responding with the facts. This round brought out the way in which questions should be asked to get an effective response, as we PWS by default search ways to minimize the number of words we use J.Kudos to the questionnaires.   

Activity 5 – Being Thankful (Picked from AHJ!)
All our life at some point or another people around us have helped us, inspired us , in some or every aspect of our life, for us to be in this place, in this position. Everyone shared about a Person whom he wants to thank and why. I am thankful for the shg for giving all of us a chance to thank the ones who were with us all these times.  This was the best part of the SHG!!

Activity 6 – Prepared Speech –Navdeep Kaur,
Atychiphobia -Fear of Failure , It is always a pleasure to watch Navdeep give a prepared speech. Today more so as it was infused with motivation and inspiration in its very essence. The fact that Einstein  and steve jobs made numerous mistakes before and after succeeding but never stopped trying shows us that it is a matter of time before our efforts bear fruit. As failures will be shadowed by the success we achieve, it is our duty to put our sincere efforts. 

“Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.” 

The activities of this colourful day was summarized by Nishil and the preparation for the next chapter began at 5.00PM.
Regards, Nishil.
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sachin said...

Gratitude can change brain chemicals.. Here are two links for anyone who wants to further explore this area..



Dinesh said...

Yes Sir, Gratitude can not only change brain chemicals but can also alter the brain totally for good!! :-)

Manimaran said...

Yet another innovative Bangalore SHG meeting. Very good going. For these meetings, whether only Bangalore PWS are attending or PWS nearby places like Hosur are also coming. If not why can't expand it now so that more people are benefited. This is only my suggestion...