June 1, 2013

Today's experience:
Today I had to make a phone call from office. I dialled the number and a lady picked up the phone at other end. She said hello.. I had a block , uttered the word Hhhhello with great effort. After that I was struggling to say another word. She was impatient and she disconnected the call.
    I gathered some courage and dialled the same number again. The lady said 'Hello'. I replied 'Hhhhello Mam', then paused. She became impatient again, and hung up the phone.

        I felt bad,did'nt try again. I sat down and thought about the whole episode. I recalled that there have been times when I had been able to communicate my thoughts to people on phone. Today I could not speak.
But I realized a change within me. I did'nt feel bad for very long time, like it used to happen earlier. I accepted myself. Just told myself that I shall try again, some other time, no problem,I shall practice talking on phone and try again.
                     Earlier if I had such a stammering experience, I felt ashamed. I did not try to recall what had happened. But today I was able to recall the whole experience like a witness.
                 I think in practicing acceptance, I am discovering the real self within me.I know its a long journey,and this is just the beginning.So I shall keep walking.


Amitsingh Kushwah said...

Abhishek, Good practice. Thanks for sharing this.

sachin said...

Yes, you have got the correct understanding of Acceptance.. Keep walking..

Joy deep Majumder said...

I was about to comment by saying..abhishek you should have conveyed to the lady that you are a PWS , and that you request a bit more patience on her part towards you...

But on second thoughts i realized these are situations specially over phone , when one struggles to utter the "hello "itself..seeking patience comes next..by the time the person on the end end would have disconnected..like it happened in your case..and which happens to most of us..most of the times :)

Now what ?....why cant we all PWS strike a deal with operators..so that whenever we call from our mobiles..the receiver gets a secondary cue that the called is a PWS...and then he or she is much more ready to give us more time..and patience..instead of being surprised..perplexed..leading to call disconnect..

Is it workable or does it hurt our ego as a PWS ?

sachin said...

I too was thinking of solutions- have you thought of sending her a sms: "I stammer and need time."
Because women get many prank calls in this country, which makes them wary..
Think of possible solutions- brain storm- and share your thoughts..

Joy deep Majumder said...
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Joy deep Majumder said...

Operators should buy into our proposal..because the lengthier a call is , the more revenue they earn..a call disconnect translates to business time hours lost for the TSP's..

@Sachin..yes Sir..we should brainstorm..and try to seek solutions and tools now which could ease our life..now that are in the same platform of having accepted our stutter..

abhishek said...

@Sachin Sir, I had to call on landline, so could'nt send SMS.

Joy deep Majumder said...

@Abhishek..i was expecting some kind of response to my comments from you in your post..