June 3, 2013

"The More you speak, The more you improve"

TISA StammerFreely Hangout Daily Group Conversation
(The more you speak the more you improve)

L-R: Nenad, Premdeep, Sanjeet, Vallinayagam and Vishal
Q1.    Why Video chat/audio chat is effective for me ??

Ans : Because we stammerers(PWS) have a habit of talking less, and we all the time, ignore the situation where we want to talk. so Video chat/audio chat is a platform to make yourself free from this hesitation and irrational beliefs. "The more you speak the more you improve" 

Q2.    Will this audio/video chat surely improve my stammering ?

Ans : I m not sure but it definately will improve your confidence, improve your communication, improve your inner strength and if you will do practice daily so it can also improve your stammering. 

I m very Glad that since 8 months Our hangout is running very smoothly even these days I am doing lot of things to spread the news of hangout conversation or Skype Conversation in whole country so that Every PWS can aware about this service.

Right now I have 100 PWS in my indian circle and 50 in my outside PWS circle it means I have 150+ PWS in my circle who have been aware with this hangout and Daily at-least 5-6 PWS use to join this hangout even on weekend strength become increase upto 8-9 people.

SO don't wait... Dar ke aage jeet hai.. just come and join Skype group Conversation and Google hangout Conversation.

for Skype Conversation, mail at :: aishkarthik@gmail.com

for Hangout Conversation, Register here :: Click Here

for any query mail at :: vishal.gupta67@gmail.com

Note : If you have slow net connection then join skype conversation  because hangout needs atleast 30kbps speed.


sachin said...

Great service, Vishal!

lalit said...

g8t vishal,

Dinesh said...

Good Visha. Share your story in a blog as how hanglout has helped you and it will attract others..