June 22, 2013

Teasing of stuttering in a movie

Just a few moments back, i saw a local regional movie in which a stammerer was getting teased quite badly.

Although, i was seeing this movie alone in my room, i felt humiliated and throughout the whole movie, i was fearlful anticipating any more humiliation of stammering.

This is very agitating!!!


Amitsingh Kushwah said...


sachin said...

I see a lot of work being done to change social attitudes towards HIV/AIDS. But when ti comes to stammering, everyone wants to work only on stammerer and CURE his or her stammering. Who ever is going to work with society?
And if someone says, AIDS is serious, stammering is not: then I will just request him to look at the money and time spent by an average pws in search for Fluency and cure..
I think you should write or phone the people who made the movie and lodge a protest..

Joy deep Majumder said...

@Ashish..only true MEN can laugh at themselves..and withstand being laughed at..you are generating laughter..and not tears in any case...:)