June 10, 2013

Do Aliens Stammer!! ??

(write -up by Nayeem)

Today one of the new Members while introducing himself cheerfully said that he was
happy to see stutterers from different parts of India and that Stuttering is not limited to his home state!! To that,  one remarked that it is quite an international issue and who knows may be aliens also stammer!! :-)

The eastern wind breeze brings an eerie feeling,
that the monsoon clouds are soon coming,
there is a strange silence in the ears, 
the sky gets darker and darker, 
the flash of lightning illuminates the dark skies, 
the sound of thunder fills the heart with fear.

The rain starts coming down, 
slowly at first, but heavy little later, 
the gutters and drainages suddenly fill up, 
and water starts flowing down the streets.

After the pouring rain for a while, 
the clouds start to break up and scatter in the sky, 
the sun comes out playing hide and seek with the clouds, 
the sun rays form the magnificent rainbow across the skies.

Hello everyone,
Welcome to the Bangalore SHG meet for the second week of June 2013.
The ambience was illuminating with the presence of Sairam, Akash, Navdeep, Abinav, Nishil,
Shrikar, Jagjit Singh, Dinesh, Avinish, Anbu, Lohith, Navneet, Anand, Arun, Karthik, Pramod and myself Nayeem. We started at sharp 2:00 pm.

 Activity – 1
The first activity for the day was public reading. Each member read one page from the SHG manual. This was a warm welcome for new member Anand and Navneet who has joined today as they began their SHG journey by reading the chapter 3: Do you stammer?

To make this reading more interesting the slowest reader Sairam and the fastest reader myself Nayeem were allowed to read at the same time, to achieve synchronization I had to read slowly and practiced it too.  

 Activity – 2

The second activity was about introductions we undertake every week in SHG meetings. It was good to meet people from various backgrounds joining the SHG. Jagjit Singh is a freelancer working on 3D modeling. Anand worked as a technician in a machine factory in Pune.

Among the introductions we had well known SHG member Arun who introduced himself and also broke the sweet news that he got a job as a Chartered Accountant in Ranganathan & Co.  

Activity – 3

The third activity is about the public speeches in the toastmaster’s style.
The five speakers dominated the public speaking stage electrifying the whole group through their eloquent speeches.

1.     Avinish: Dreams and way to achieve it.
This was a motivational speech from Avinish who focused on the following things for achieving dreams
a.)   Desire & Visualize
b.)   Plan & Action
c.)    Periodic review and sustained motivation.

Special thanks to Sairam for evaluating the speech.

2.     Pramod: Devil’s Advocate
This speech required lot of research and Pramod as delivered a classic as always.
We greatly appreciate the knowledge which was shared and acknowledge that this speech contained many words which are difficult to utter for PWS.

Special thanks to Lohith for evaluating the speech.

3.     Jagjit Singh: Devil Tomatoes
This was a brilliant narration rather than a speech. This narration has engulfed the whole audience and they drifted into the visualization of his creative story which shows the effect of chemicals on foods, taking the example of tomato and how it changed a village folk into monsters.

Special thanks to Anbu for evaluating the speech.

4.     Akash: Food
This was an interesting speech which emphasized the kind of food people are having in the current generation. Interestingly, he has taken an example of a monkey and shown how their diet differs from us. The punch line being most healthy foods are not good at taste and eat simple to stay healthy.

Special thanks to Shrikar for evaluating the speech.

5.     Karthik: No money, no honey
Though sounding humorous, this was a thought provoking speech on the need of money from birth till death. Karthik showed with life experiences the need of money in every phase of life.

Special thanks to Navneet for evaluating the speech.

Thanks to Nishil for playing the role of grammarian for all the speeches and Navdeep for examining the filler words used by all the speakers.

On behalf of the members of the SHG group, I wish Anand, Navneet a warm welcome
Congratulating Arun Kumar for obtaining a CA job in Bangalore J

Note: Missing the other folks, hope they join the session this Saturday J

PS :-
To join Bangalore shg, please contact
dinesh.daredevil "at" gmail.com - 98800 50526


Joy deep Majumder said...

Aliens bounce..so they must be stuttering too..:)

Guys i am so proud of all of you..you all are like men on a mission..

lalit said...

nice ..heading is very innovative ..really a question comes in my mind do alien stammer ? ,
and feeling g8t for starting day with nice poem

Manimaran said...

WOW! Lot of activities! If this trend continues, I think the Bangalore SHG members will not only become good speakers but also become good human beings which is so much lacking now a days. Keep it up Bangalore SHG and all the best to everyone.

sachin said...

Nayeem- did you write that opening verse..
Even if you did not- never mind- it was a very good selection..Thank you!

Also, many thanks for sharing the videos..

Right on track, everyone! Keep walking..

Anand said...

Hi Nayeem !

Interesting Blog Heading that creates attention to read the post I really appreciate your writing skill.

Thank you very much for sharing,


Dinesh said...

Thank you all for all the support..

Special thanks to those who find time from their busy schedule and read all the blogs and more importantly, provide thier valuable comments which gives the much needed encouragement to keep going.

Nayeem4PWS said...

Hi all,
Thanks for the support and encouragement. The poem is not mine and has been taken to suit the monsoon season in Bangalore as I was travelling for the SHG meet.