May 1, 2013

A discharge - A charged Idea !!

Hi  Comrades ,
    Yesterday as a result of not taking out my car for a long duration , my batteries had totally discharged upon me , on top of that i was in a rush , i called up the Hyundai helpline number to seek help, and to my delight they promptly got on line , but much to my dismay i suddenly found my speech going rapidly off line ,specially so .. on being asked specific questions my car number, the current kilometer reading , address, current location, i could feel the agent was feeling surprised at my answering patterns .She must have been wondering was it the car or me the caller who had got discharged :)     

   Anyways i confided to her that i have a stuttering issue , and requested  her to show a bit more patience towards me to give my responses .. 
 Well as per their standards Hyundai team did arrive in under 45 mts and took care of my vehicles issue !!

   Now friends how many times have we all not gone through this , when our our speech patterns deteriorates rapidly , specially so over the phone and when trying to pass on specific information in a time bound slot  to go into the actual context of the conversation .

I look at this issue this way :

How would i rate my speech while over phone to a stranger while sharing specific info                     ( 4/10)

How would i rate my speech while over phone to a stranger while sharing  Non- specific info           ( 7/10)

How would i rate my info sharing skill in a non telephonic mode                                                       ( 10/10)

 I have understood and accepted that most of the time i would stammer more while sharing specific info over , leading to wastage of man-hours on both the ends and leading to confusion and misdirection and resulting in problems not getting resolved at all .

If you look up the rough analysis above i stammer the most in the first condition and none in the last condition

I wished to go to the idea part , but i would extend this discussion to a second part only if i feel readers are interested  , i also would not like this post to be see you guys in the next post..hopefully :)

keep yourself charged !!



sachin said...

Oh sure- I want to read your next part- because you are sharing a real life experience, real life difficulties- This is very much what this blog originally wanted from the contributors.
Thank you!
Looking forward to sequel..

lalit said...

plz post next part too..
as for me
rating while speeking in hindi 9/10
(under normal circumstance )
rating while speeking in english 4/10
(under normal circumstance )

Joy deep Majumder said...

@Sachin : The sequel is the charged idea after the car battery discharge act..:)thanks for the support as usual..

Joy deep Majumder said...

@Lalit : thanks for reading and commenting , but please note that i have mentioned the rating with the factor of talking on phone while providing specific date of number...mostly for us our speech tends to be better when the conversation does not have to give away specific info.. hope i could get across the thought...

thanks for reading ...

Joy deep Majumder said...

@Lalit ,

Taking your rating as test case :

Hindi 9/10 : Maybe because you are fully conversant with Hindi, you can juggle with words in Hindi with ease..and can unconscionably substitute words ..adjectives on the spot when you know you would stutter at some words..yaha pe aap apne arjit kiye hue vishaal shadkosh kabhi bhi koi bhi shabd utha sakte ho ..wo bhi bahot sahajta se..

But can you or I replace our date of birth from May(Mai) To October(Octuber) ..just because we get stuck at "M" cant..because sometimes we have to give specfic answers..and their no trick works...:)

Anandh Sundar said...

Quite interesting article and even more interesting comments. Making a distinction between kind of information(specific/non specific), mode(in person/phone) and language(mother tongue/others) is logical, and as @Joydeep thinks, may be due to subconscious word substitution.